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Choosing Annual vs Trip Coverage

Annual vs Trip

If you will be taking only one trip this year then you may wish to just insure that trip. If you plan to take two or more trips, then it can be more economical to bundle them into an annual policy. Obtain a quotation for each of the major trips you plan, then compare the total amount to a year of Annual coverage. Annual coverage provides flexibility in cover and travel dates. It avoids making multiple purchases during the year, giving you continuous coverage. A single trip policy may be less expensive and provides specified dates, destination and trip cost.

What Unexpected Events Could Travel Insurance Cover?

What Unexpected Events

Travel insurance gives travelers coverage for unforeseen problems, from a cancelled flight to a serious illness—or in rare cases, even an act of terrorism or the financial default of a travel supplier. If an illness, accident, or other covered unforeseen circumstance forces a traveler to cancel or interrupt their plans, they can face two potentially significant major financial losses—money invested in nonrefundable pre-payments, and medical expenses that in many instances may not be covered by health insurance. Sickness and injury, adverse weather, and job loss are the usual types of unexpected events.

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