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Seminar List
The Optimal Path
In this lecture, Dr. Vann discusses the search for the optimal path to safe decompression from a dive and the struggle to determine acceptable risk.
Breathing Underwater is an Unnatural Act
Diving is easy under ideal conditions, but life on dry land doesn’t prepare us for the underwater environment where conditions can be far from ideal. How these conditions affect respiration and consciousness is the subject of this presentation.
Diabetes & Recreational Diving: History and New Guidelines
Learn about diabetes and the new guidelines for diving with it in this presentation by Neal W. Pollock, Ph.D., a research physiologist with DAN.
Inert Gas Exchange, Bubbles, and Decompression Theory
Learn about inert gas exchange in the body and the affect those bubbles can have on your dive in this online seminar, based on a presentation by Dr. Richard Vann, Vice President of Research at DAN.
Pathophysiology of Decompression Illness
Learn about what goes on in the body when bubbles form in this online seminar, based on a lecture delivered by Dr. Richard Moon, Senior Medical Consultant to DAN.
Ears and Diving Seminar
Learn about your ears and how to take better care of them when you are diving in this online seminar, based on a presentation by Dr. Frans Cronje.

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