Oxygen Resources

Oxygen first aid is considered to be the most effective first aid treatment for a diver injured while diving, after ensuring the diver's airway, breathing and circulation.

Thanks to an agreement between DAN and Praxair, a global industrial, medical, specialty and diving gas manufacturer, DAN-certified Oxygen Providers throughout the United States and Canada can obtain oxygen USP, or medical-grade oxygen

The following resources are being provided in order to improve access to emergency oxygen.

  • Oxygen Regulations

  • Service Centers

  • Important Advisory from FDA and NIOSH Oxygen Regulator Fires
    The FDA has received 12 reports in which regulators used with oxygen cylinders have burned or exploded, in some cases injuring personnel. Some of the incidents occurred during emergency medical use or during routine equipment checks. More Info

    Oxygen Use Survey Card
    DAN Research is studying the effectiveness of the oxygen as first aid for diving emergencies. Unfortunately, DAN often doesn't know when oxygen first aid is used in the field. If you haven't received a copy of the Oxygen Use Survey Card, but would like to have a copy on hand to submit to DAN, you may download it here (PDF: 52 KB).