DAN Oxygen Grant Program

Through the Oxygen Grant Program, DAN provides emergency oxygen units to individuals, businesses and organizations that have a connection to diving or aquatics and can demonstrate a genuine need of oxygen in the pursuit of their interaction with the dive or aquatics communities. This program is funded entirely by donations.

Program Requirements
Successful applicants will:
     + Have a connection to the diving or aquatics communities.
     + Demonstrate an operational or financial need, generally by providing a copy of the operating budget.
     + Have at least one person on staff who holds a current certificate as an oxygen provider, with specialized training for treating diving injuries
     + Provide a safe and accessible location to store the oxygen unit.

Please Note:
     + Any import duties or customs fees will be the responsibility of the grant recipient.
     + Federal government sponsored organizations are not eligible.

Selection Process:
Grant requests should be submitted with proof that the applicant meets all the program requirements.

Applications will be forwarded to the Oxygen Grant Selection Committee for consideration. Decisions of the Selection Committee are final.

Notifications, both approvals and denials, will be sent by the Selection Committee within 30 days of receipt of the complete application.

Grant recipients are required to provide documentation regarding placement/storage and photos of the oxygen unit, including a copy of an oxygen usage protocol, when the unit is received. We also ask that you notify us if the equipment awarded through the Oxygen Grant Program is used in an emergency.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you decide what oxygen unit we receive?
Decisions regarding which oxygen unit is awarded will be determined from the details provided in the application.

Who pays for maintenance of the oxygen unit?
All costs for maintenance and replacement supplies are the responsibility of the recipient.

Who determines who receives the grants?
The Oxygen Grant Selection Committee includes representatives from DAN management, training, medicine and research.

We have EMTs and paramedics. Why do we have to take an Oxygen provider course, with specialized training for treating diving injuries?
We want to ensure that people are trained in the use of equipment specific to scuba diving and aquatic emergencies. Since these areas are relatively unique, most standard first-aid courses and courses for medical professionals do not cover these areas specifically.

Why do I need to submit my operating budget?
Requests for financial assistance require us to confirm your financial need. We keep all budget information confidential.

Donate to the DAN Oxygen Grant Program.

Download the DAN Oxygen Grant Program application and guidelines (PDF: 87 KB).