The questions below are about the grant programs in general. For more information about a specific program, please visit that program's page.

What grants are available from DAN Education?

DAN Education coordinates two grant programs: the Oxygen Grant Program and the AED Matching Grant Program.

The DAN Medical Information department coordinates the Recompression Chamber Assistance Program.

Who is eligible?

Both the oxygen and AED grant programs are open to individuals, businesses and organizations with a connection to scuba diving and/or aquatics and can demonstrate a financial need for assistance. Applicants for the Oxygen Grant Program must come from the DAN, DAN World or DAN Brasil regions. They cannot represent a federal organization.

Applicants for the AED Matching Grant Program must be based in the United States.

Who determines who receives the grants?

DAN Education coordinates the committees, which are made up of representatives from DAN Education, DAN Medical Information and DAN Research.

Why do I need to submit my operating budget?

Requests for financial assistance require us to confirm your financial need. We keep all budget information confidential.

If I’m awarded a grant, what am I required to do?

In your grant application, you agree to provide us with documentation and photos of the unit you have received. You agree to send us a copy of your protocol, and you will follow up with us annually. Please tell us if the equipment awarded through the Grant Program is used in an emergency. This allows us to track the effectiveness of the two programs.

Do we have to be DAN Members to apply?

While we appreciate membership and rely on it for support, grant applicants need not be DAN Members. Since we are here to help should the need arise, we do suggest membership in DAN. We want to keep you informed regarding dive safety and health.

What happens if we miss the deadline?

There are four Oxygen Grant Program cycles each year and three AED Matching Grant Program cycles. If you miss a deadline, DAN will automatically consider your application during the next cycle.

What happens if DAN receives more grant requests than grants available to be awarded? Will you give more?

We reserve the right to award more grants than stated if we believe it is necessary.

We have EMTs and paramedics. Why do we have to take a DAN training course to be eligible for a grant?

We want to ensure that people are trained in the use of equipment specific to scuba diving and aquatic emergencies. Since these areas are relatively unique, most standard first aid courses and courses for medical professionals do not cover these areas specifically.

How are DAN grant programs funded?

DAN grant programs are funded by donations and other fundraising efforts.

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