DAN Diver Medical Technician

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Diver Medical Technician Overview

Diver Medical Technicians (DMTs) serve as the critical first step in the dive medicine chain, caring for injured divers on the scene and acting as tenders in the hyperbaric chamber.

Many of the participants in these programs are diving safety officers with dive teams or tenders associated with hyperbaric chambers, but many of them are also dive professionals interested in advancing their knowledge of dive medicine so they can better tend to the divers in their care.

Responsibilities of a DMT
DMTs provide an alternative to the presence of qualified hyperbaric physicians at every dive site who can respond to emergency medical situations and communicate effectively with a physician located remotely.

They also provide emergency care and basic life support in the field while stabilizing injured divers. They report accidents and treatment to medical authorities and perform tasks and give aid as directed by proper authorities.

DMTs also encourage fitness in the diving community and keep accurate, informative records, such and neurological assessments and histories of divers in their care, where appropriate.

DAN offers two levels of training for DMTs:
  • Diver Medical Technician course, for those interested in becoming a DMT
  • DMT Continuing Education course, for certified DMTs who require continuing education credits to stay current.