DAN Examiner #6482 Phillip Graf
phone: e-mail: omnidive@gmail.com
Phil was certified as a NAUI scuba diver in August 1968 in Monterey, California. In May 1984, he earned the PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor certification. From January 1982 through 2005, Phil was an Underwater Inspection Team member for a large federal water management agency. His duties included Assistant Underwater Inspection Team Leader and the Diving Safety Officer.

In June 2002, Phil volunteered as a public safety diver and Deputy Sheriff with the Klamath County (Oregon) Sheriff Dive Rescue team. Presently, he is the Dive Team Liaison working with other state and county dive rescue teams and is the Clark County (Washington) Dive Rescue team Training Director as well.

Phil says he enjoys teaching and scuba diving: "I have combined my love of both; I became a scuba Instructor Trainer, which allows me to help others from basic to advanced technical diving; and DAN's Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries training to DAN's Diving First Aid for Professional Divers have helped me teach a wide array of divers."

Phil is an Instructor Trainer for SDI, TDI Surface Supplied Air Diving as well as an ERDI Surface Supply Operations Instructor Trainer. Phil instructs through the Public Safety Diving Association as a Surface-Supplied Nitrox Instructor. He is also a SEI Diving IT and a Master PADI Instructor. He teaches several IANTD courses as an Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor.

Phil is a National Association of Commercial Diving Specialists (NACDS) Instructor, including teaching its Surface-Supplied Mixed-Gas Commercial Dive Team Specialist courses. A Medic First Aid IT, he also provides instruction (visual cylinder, eddy current, valve inspection, and oxygen cylinder cleaning) through the Professional Scuba Inspectors/Professional Cylinder Inspectors.

As a DAN Examiner, Phil travels and instructs DAN's programs in the Washington, Oregon and Idaho areas.

Visit Phil's website: http://www.omnidivers.com

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Phil's email: omnidive@gmail.com