Ears and Diving Seminar (DAN Europe)

Welcome to the Divers Alert Network Ears and Diving web-based seminar. This online lecture has been compiled by the DAN Training Department and is based on a presentation by Dr. Frans Cronje, Executive & Medical Director - DAN Southern Africa.

This seminar will help you better understand your ears and the way they are affected by pressure. We will show you how to find the most effective way to equalize your ears and learn how important your ears are to diving ? they are not just something to keep your sunglasses in place!

This seminar will not make you an expert in solving ear troubles, nor train you to diagnose injuries or infections affecting the ear. However it will make you a better informed diver leading to safer diving habits as it related to your ears and assist you in educating others about respecting and protecting their ears.

This program contains video segments. A high-speed internet connection is highly recommended to view this educational program.

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The program should take up to an hour to complete.

Important Note for DMTs certified by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology: This course has been reviewed and approved for 1 CEU in Category A by the National Board of Diving and Hyperbaric Medical Technology as a Diving Medical Technician Course. Submit your completion certificate to the NBDHMT and request that it be added to your file.

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