DAN Instructor Trainer Workshop

DAN Instructor Trainers are experienced DAN instructors who are dedicated to dive safety education. DAN Instructor Trainers are the only individuals certified to train DAN Instructors as part of the DAN Instructor Qualification Course (IQC).

After completing a DAN Instructor Trainer Workshop (ITW), DAN Instructor Trainers can present the knowledge and skills development sessions of the core module and the various course modules of the IQC.

To attend a DAN ITW, attendees must be:
  • an active scuba instructor trainer with a recognized training agency, OR
  • an active PADI Instructor Development Course (IDC) Staff Instructor or SS DiveCon Instructor and with DAN Diving Emergency Specialist (DES) Instructor recognition, OR
  • an instructor trainer with a recognized CPR/first aid organization and with DAN DES Instructor recognition

  • Recommended course hours: 16-20 hours

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the difference between a DAN Instructor and a DAN Instructor Trainer?
    Instructors teach provider courses to divers and Trainers teach both provider courses and instructor courses.

    What do you consider a scuba instructor trainer?
    We define a scuba instructor trainer as someone certified by their dive training organization to teach scuba instructors. The following are some examples:
  • ACUC Instructor Trainer
  • CMAS Three star instructor
  • IANTD Instructor Trainer
  • NAUI Instructor Trainer or Course Director
  • PADI Course Director or IDC Staff Instructor*
  • SDI/TDI Instructor Trainer
  • SSI Instructor Trainer or Instructor Certifier

  • *PADI IDC Staff must also have DAN DES Instructor recognition.

    I know how to teach. What am I supposed to learn in an ITW?
    DAN expects instructor trainers not only to have role-model-quality skills but also to be able to effectively break down skills and teach others how to teach. The ITW gives you plenty of time to hone teaching skills and learn the methodology and style of DAN training courses. An ITW including all of our courses takes approximately 24 hours of time.

    Can I be a trainer for just one course?
    To be able to offer a more complete instructor course, we prefer that all of our instructor trainers be able to teach the courses that make up the Diving Emergency Management Provider (DEMP) program.

    Where do I find an ITW?
    DAN Education staff hosts ITWs throughout the year. Our schedule can be found online. We also have independent DAN Examiners who can teach the ITW. To find a DAN Examiner, go to [Find an Instructor|/training/directory and click on the "All Examiners" tab.

    How do I get the materials to study for the program?
    DAN Education staff or the DAN Examiner will provide the materials to you at the ITW. Depending on the schedule, some examiners may provide them ahead of time with assignments. DAN staff will provide the materials during the ITW.

    Is there any continuing education I need to complete to remain current?
    Yes. As a DAN Instructor Trainer, you will need to teach or team-teach an instructor course in each course you are certified every two years. Every few years DAN Education requires trainers to complete an update. DAN Education offers these updates in various locations, or you can complete the update online.

    What can I gain from teaching DAN courses?
    The rewards are many. First, you help increase the knowledge of diving first aid and dive safety. Second, you assist us by supporting the DAN mission departments and areas such as diving medical research, the DAN Emergency Hotline and DAN Medical Information Line. And, of course, you can also make money for yourself by teaching DAN courses.

    For more information, contact DAN Education.

    Download 2012 ITW registration form (PDF: 242 KB).