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Frequently Asked Questions

Who should attend DAN’s Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine CME courses?

DAN's Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine courses are designed primarily for physicians. Emergency medical personnel, paramedics, nurses and professionals with interest in dive medicine will also find the courses of value.

What kind of educational credit will I receive by participating in a DAN CME activity?

Any DAN educational activity that is primarily planned for physicians will request Category 1 credit from the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). CME programs are jointly sponsored with the Wilderness Medical Society. Certificates of attendance will be provided at all CME activities.

Will DAN's Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine course prepare me to be a referral physician for DAN?

The purpose of DAN's physician referral network is to refer scuba divers or potential scuba divers to doctors knowledgeable and trained in dive medicine. Inclusion in the physician referral database requires completion of an introductory course in dive medicine and a special form. DAN's Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine course would fulfill that course requirement.

What CME activities does DAN offer?

DAN typically offers a Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine course twice a year — once in the spring and once in late summer or early fall. Optional diving is available with the DAN group. Courses are posted on the events calendar on the DAN website.

What type of certification does DAN offer with its CME activities?

DAN does not offer certification in CME activities. DAN Education offers certification in its training courses.

How can I be added to the DAN CME mailing list?

Call +1-919-684-2948 ext. 556, or complete the CME mailing list request form. Please notify us if there is a change in your address.

Do DAN Members automatically receive DAN CME activity brochures?

We do not mail our CME activity brochures to all DAN Members. The DAN CME staff maintains a separate contact list for CME mailings. The DAN website also lists upcoming events.

I want to attend an oxygen training course. Does DAN CME coordinate these courses?

The DAN Education department coordinates the DAN Oxygen Provider and other training programs. For more information, contact DAN Education or find a DAN Instructor near you.

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