Research Staff

DAN researchers and staff collect dive data, report on information gathered and work with other experts in the dive safety and health fields. Their findings are integral to the DAN mission

Petar Denoble, M.D. – Vice President, Mission

The Vice President Mission (VPM) is an executive officer of Divers Alert Network and reports to the President and CEO. He provides leadership and direction to mission programs, including medical services, medical research, injury surveillance and prevention, training and education. The VPM improves organizational capabilities, optimizes processes, builds teams and directs management/staff development. He plans and executes the budget and improves standards of performance, quality and safety. He manages, directs, monitors, and supports the activities on fulfillment of the overall DAN mission.

Frauke Tillmans, Ph.D. – Research Director

Works with the DAN Scientific Advisory Board to define DAN's research priorities. Responsible for managing DAN's research programs to address those priorities with the main goals of improving the dive safety of recreational divers, increasing diver-centricity of diving science and advancing personalized dive safety strategies.

Allan Uribe, Ph.D – Director of Injury Surveillance and Prevention

Responsible for monitoring the incidence and trends of dive injuries; studying causes of injuries; developing, evaluating and implementing preventive interventions and advising industry leaders regarding the prevention of dive injuries. Responsibilities include directing daily activities regarding incidence, injuries and fatalities data collection and exploring additional sources of data.

Jim Chimiak, M.D. – Chief Medical Officer

Responsible for reducing internal silo structures that impede the free flow of medical information and action. Monitors and assists with all medical issues and information throughout the organization. He oversees quality assurance of medical calls (information and emergency); consults on all critical cases; augments DAN's central safety mission and expand DAN's expertise and contribution into other areas of medicine.

Matias Nochetto, M.D. – Director Medical Services and Program Development

Oversees and supervises daily activities of the medical department and is responsible for quality assurance. He conducts studies of diving injuries, manifestations, treatment and evolution.

Francois Burman, MS – Director of Safety, Diving & Hyperbaric Operations

Responsible for researching and developing diving and hyperbaric safety practices, hazard identification and risk assessment programs; customizes safety protocols for various environments; develops and implements risk mitigation programs; creates resources and educational opportunities for diving professionals and chamber staff, advising local authorities, and providing technical expertise for the Remote Chamber Assistance Program.

Jeanette Moore – Mission Programs Coordinator

Responsible for coordinating mission programs, liaise with employees and other departments to coordinate tasks, resources and timelines in support of mission objectives. Serves as point of contact for project information and updates. Other responsibilities include department administration, management of medical records, and administration of the Internal Review Board (IRB).

Alexandra Romfoe – Research Associate

Assists the Research Director in the organization and conduct of research projects (laboratory, field, and surveillance), including data collection, data management, data analysis, and preparation of publications.

Asienne Moore – Research Associate

Assists in various projects including SCUBA fatality monitoring, data entry, follow-up, and data management.