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Project Dive Exploration (Statistical Analysis of the Risks of Decompression Sickness): Participate

Your interest in DAN's Project Dive Exploration (PDE) is the first step toward making diving safer. DAN completed a pilot program of PDE in 1998. During this period, DAN refined the data collection process and data handling, trained FRCs and recompression chambers to use the Diving Data System; and set up Data Collection Centers throughout the world. Now divers with compatible, downloadable dive computers can participate in Project Dive Exploration (Statistical Analysis of the Risks of Decompression Sickness) by sending their dive profiles directly from their dive computer’s dive log software or by using DAN’s Data Acquisition Software.

Donate Your Dive Profiles

If you have your own PDE-compatible dive computer, you can donate your dive profiles to DAN as follows:

LEVEL 3 dive computer users (Cochran, DiveRite, Suunto, Uwatec):

  • Log your dives using a LEVEL 3 PDE-Compatible Dive Computer.
  • Obtain a Diver ID by completing the Diver ID Enrollment Form.
  • Use the manufacturer’s dive log software to send your dive profiles to DAN. User guide (instruction for sending to DAN) for each compatible dive computer is available from the downloads section.

LEVEL 2 dive computer users: (ReefNet – Sensus Pro & Sensus Ultra)

LEVEL 1 dive computer users: (Vision Electronics, Oceanic, VR3-Delta P Technology)

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