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Flying After Diving Calibration Study

Divers may require flying soon after diving. To reduce the risk of decompression sickness (DCS) as a result of flying after diving (FAD), guidelines were published in the USN Diving Manual that specify how long a diver should wait between dive and flight. The Navy guidelines were developed in part with data from previous FAD studies for recreational divers done at Duke (Vann et al., 2007*). Additional testing is required to evaluate profiles not previously tested. These include some very long dives and decompression dives. In addition, studies will be conducted to investigate the possibility of decreasing preflight surface intervals by breathing oxygen before flight.

*Vann RD, Pollock NW, Freiberger JJ, Natoli MJ, Denoble PJ, Pieper CF. Influence of bottom time on preflight surface intervals before flying after diving. Undersea Hyperb Med 2007; 34(3): 211-20.

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