DAN Medical Research
Diabetes & Diving : Project Supporters

This project was supported by DAN Members, DAN Donors, and the following businesses and organizations:

  • Aggressor Fleet Inc.
  • Nekton Cruises Inc.
  • Peter Hughes Diving Inc.
  • Underwater Explorers Society (UNEXSO), Bahamas
  • Bayer Corporation
  • Can Am Care
  • Buceo Medico Mexicano Hyperbaric Chamber, Cozumel
  • Casa del Mar, Cozumel
  • Del-Mar Aquatics, Cozumel
  • AquaWorld, Cozumel
  • Albatros Charters, Cozumel
  • Blue Bubble Divers, Cozumel
  • Caribbean Divers, Cozumel
  • Cozumel Equalizer SA, Cozumel
  • Dive Paradise, Cozumel
  • Mako Tours, Cozumel
  • Scuba Club Cozumel, Cozumel
  • Sand Dollar, Cozumel
  • Cha Cha Cha Divers, Cozumel
  • Scuba Du, Cozumel
  • Dive Palancar, Cozumel
  • Aldora Divers, Cozumel

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