DAN Research Internships

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Research Internships

DAN encourages young minds interested in the areas of dive medicine and research through the DAN Research Internship Program. Participants learn about diving-related research and develop or enhance professional skills that can lead directly to career advancement.

Research interns work closely with mentor experts to maximize their learning opportunities. They are placed with host facilities, usually DAN headquarters, where they participate in projects appropriate for their interests and ability. The range may include field, laboratory and/or epidemiological studies.

Research interns typically assist in data collection and work on a variety of assignments to develop their practical skills, critical thinking, and technical communication expertise. Writing projects include a review of their experience that may be used in full or part in any DAN publications, including Alert Diver, On Board, the DAN website, research newsletters and press releases.

Academic credit may be available for students registered in educational programs while completing the research internship. DAN can provide documentation to meet the needs of typical institutional requirements.

The program runs primarily from late May through August, but has flexibility. The shortest internship period is generally three months. Extensions are possible based on productivity, research needs, and the interest of both intern and mentor.

DAN will cover room, board and related expenses. Interns will be given an advance to reimburse incurred costs. In turn, interns are required to keep an expense log of all incurred costs and submit these weekly to the internship administrator.

Intern candidates must be at least 20 years old by June 01 in the year of application, with an educational track in a science field preferred. Strong candidates for this competitive program will have excellent communication and organizational skills, an established commitment to diving, and goals that would benefit from participation in the program. While diving activity is generally not required for the internship, all activities are diving focused, requiring candidates to be certified scuba divers with sufficient experience to warrant consideration.

To be considered for an internship, submit the following information:
  • application form (PDF)
  • professional/academic resume
  • diving resume (number of dives, environmental and depth range, specialties/certifications)
  • two letters of reference from academic and/or professional sources
  • cover letter (maximum two pages) describing your history (including your ties to diving), interests, aspirations and how the internship will benefit your personal and professional growth.

  • Application deadline is Jan. 31.

    The number of research interns selected in a given year depends on mentor matches, project activity, and program funding, the last of which comes from donors and supporting dive businesses.

    To contribute to the funding of the DAN Research Internship Program, donate to DAN today.

    To learn more about the DAN Research Internship Program, contact DAN Research or download the informational flyer.