Introduction: Identifying and reducing the risks of dying while diving benefits the entire diving community. In 2008, DAN published two research papers which found evidence that certain risk factors were commonly associated with diving fatalities (Denoble et al., 2008; Denoble et al., 2008). This evidence provided motivation to hold a diving fatality workshop to review and, where feasible, recommend specific actions to reduce the risk of fatalities.

A primary workshop objective was to gather evidence to move the discussion beyond the foundation of expert opinion. DAN invited organizations and individuals with direct experience to present their data. The requirement for an evidence-based approach was stressed since distinguishing the validity of opposing opinions unsupported by data is difficult. Registration was open to all and participants had the opportunity to discuss the data presented and raise additional issues.

The videos offered below include presentations on diving fatality investigations, diving fatality data, and the medical aspects of cardiac deaths. A discussion session with representatives from four principal training agencies was not recorded as the participants felt this would lead to a more open exchange of ideas.

The written proceedings of the meeting are in preparation. Manuscripts will be submitted for publication in the scientific literature.

Denoble PJ, Caruso JL, Dear GdL, Pieper CF, Vann RD. Common causes of open-circuit recreational diving fatalities. Undersea Hyperb Med. 2008; 35(6):393-406.
Denoble PJ, Pollock NW, Vaithiyanathan P, Caruso JL, Dovenbarger JA, Vann RD. Scuba injury death rate among insured DAN members. Diving Hyperb Med. 2008; 38(4): 182-8.

This conference was sponsored by the US Navy.

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