2008 DAN Tech Diving Conference
More than 165 persons attended the two-day conference in Durham, N.C. The conference included four half-day workshops that addressed physiology, decompression, rebreathers and training with discussions about the operational and medical aspects of technical diving. Participants came from across the United States and from Finland, the United Kingdom, Canada, American Samoa, Australia, New Zealand and Grand Cayman.

The conference objectives were to establish communications among technical divers, diving physicians and diving scientists, to provide objective information concerning what is known and unknown, and to establish the need for data collection and quantitative analysis to answer unresolved questions.

2009 Tech Diver Report
Diving Conference Proceedings Now Available
The conference was sponsored by:
Vantaa, Finland
Curby’s Technical, Inc.
91 Exeter Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2J 1V6
Micropore, Inc.
350 F Pencader Drive,
Newark, DE 19702
30151 Tomas Street,
Rancho Santa Marguerita, CA 92688
Silent Diving Systems/Ambient Pressure Diving
204 Fulford Point Road,
Elizabethtown, Ontario, Canada
The Rubicon Foundation, Inc.
5708 Catskill Ct.,
Durham, NC 27713
The U.S. Navy
Office of Naval Research, Chief of Naval Operations, and Naval Sea Systems Command
Thanks to Peter Golding, editor of Diver Magazine, for providing 150 copies of the December issue for conference attendees.

Presenter and panelist curriculum vitae are available by clicking on the names under the photographs.

The PowerPoint® and video files (mp4) may be viewed on line or downloaded to your computer by right-clicking on the file name. A high-resolution DVD is available at no cost. Please contact DAN Member Services at 1-800 446-2671 option 3 and ask for Product # 171-0010.

Attendee List
Conference Workshops, Powerpoint Slides, Lectures
Day 1 Morning: Physiology Workshop

  • Respiration
  • CNS Oxygen Toxicity
  • Narcosis and HPNS
  • Thermal
Day 2 Morning: Rebreather Workshop

  • USN Testing Perspective
  • UK Testing Perspective
  • Rebreather Incident Investigation
  • Manufacturers Panel
Day 1 Afternoon: Decompression Workshop

  • DCI Pathophysiology
  • DCS Risk Factors
  • Deep Stops
  • DCI Therapy
  • DCS Risk Assessment
Day 2 Afternoon: Training Workshop

  • Risk Management in Deep Wreck Diving using CCR
  • Risk Factors
  • Training Panel Discussion
Day 1 Evening Program

  • CO2 Intoxication
  • HSE CO2 Toxicity Incident Presentation
  • Chatterton & Kohler
Day 2 Evening Program

  • O2 Toxicity Incident
  • Cave Penetration

“Attendees were enthusiastic,” said Richard Vann, Ph.D., event organizer and Vice President of DAN Research. “They found the breadth of the information exciting, and they took advantage of opportunities to meet members of the technical diving community who they had not known.”

Simon Mitchell, M.D., one of four workshop chairman and a fellow in anesthesia at the Auckland City Hospital in Auckland, New Zealand, said he had never experienced anything like it. “It is the first time technical divers have had the opportunity to interact with experts in the field of dive medicine and dive physiology,” Mitchell said. “They have had many of their unanswerable questions answered by experts you trust.”

Kathy Weydig, DAN Board member and conference presenter, placed the event in context, both present and future. “The conference was what the industry will recognize as the jumping-off point with significant lasting impact in disseminating technical diving information to the community,” Weydig said. “The presenters and audience consisted of M.D.s, Ph.D.s, researchers, students, divers and explorers with important research and/or expeditions to share. And share we did!”