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Projects and Studies

For decades, DAN Research has conducted valuable studies on topics of safety and interest to divers. DAN researchers have investigated surface intervals for divers who plan to fly after diving, the effects of aging on dive health, the medical advisability of diving with insulin-requiring diabetes, as well as general dive safety. Conducted both in and out of the laboratory, there are even opportunities for divers to take part.

Workshops and Conferences

DAN Research hosts workshops and conferences, in which other industry experts are invited to come together to share knowledge and discuss ideas. Though any interested person is welcome to attend a workshop, DAN Research makes downloadable presentations and proceedings available for those who can't make it.

DAN Internship Program

DAN Research works to support and develop the researchers of tomorrow through the DAN Internship Program. Each year, it encourages young minds interested in the areas of dive medicine and research. If you'd like to read more about internships at DAN or would like to apply to be an intern at DAN, visit our DAN Research Internships page to learn more.

Online Seminars

For those who wish to continue their education even further, DAN Research offers a selection of online seminars on topics of interest to divers, including decompression illness and ear issues.

Research is an integral part of DAN's mission and is supported by membership dues, research grants and donations. Support the efforts of DAN Research and donate to DAN today.