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Safeguard Students and Your Livelihood

Easy online enrollment - An exclusive benefit for DAN Pros Protect your entry-level scuba and freediving students with up to US$25,000 in medical expense coverage from DAN. No cost to you or your students.


Protect students and help prevent claims against you.


Introduce new divers to DAN and dive safety from day one.


Covers injuries that occur while participating in entry-level training activities.


Students enrolled in DAN’s Student Medical Expense Coverage are covered for injuries sustained during entry-level training. From a broken foot due to a dropped tank to ear issues to more serious dive-related injuries, DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage ensures medical bills get paid - which can prevent claims against your personal liability policy.

Offered at NO COST to You or Your Students


Enrollment is Easy
1. Log into and select Enroll Your Students from the Student Medical Expense Coverage section of the homepage.
2. Enter each student's first and last name, date of birth and email address.
3. Your student(s) will receive an email confirmation from DAN and digital card which may be printed as proof of coverage.

Share With Your Students

Download and share the Student Medical Expense Coverage brochure to promote DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage to entry-level students during class.

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DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage FAQs
Who is eligible to receive this coverage?

DAN Professional Members and DAN Business Members may offer complimentary Student Medical Expense Coverage to all entry-level students.

How does a student sign-up for coverage?

Only DAN Pros or Business Members may enroll students in this program. Instructors and dive businesses must log in to DAN’s website and enroll students online.

Why is the instructor’s DAN Member number required?

As an exclusive benefit of the DAN Professional Membership, this program is designed to protect the instructor by paying the medical expenses of a student who sustains an injury during training, and the policy is assigned to the instructor. If you are a dive business entering students for coverage, you are required to enter the instructor’s DAN member number.

How much does DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage cost?

DAN subsidizes all fees so this program is available to entry-level and open-water student divers at no cost.

What does it cover?

DAN’s Student Medical Expense policy covers any diving activity, in or out of the water, that is necessary to meet the standards for receiving an open water scuba diving certification or entry-level certification for breath-hold diving. Covered activities include, but are not limited to, donning or doffing dive equipment, swimming, diving, and traveling by charter boat to a diving destination. “Diving activities” begin from the moment students lift their BCDs until the moment their equipment is placed on the ground, or for breath-hold diving and snorkeling, from the moment they enter until they exit the water.

Are injuries that occur on the boat or shore, such as ladder, tank and deck slips, covered?

Yes. DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage protects students against incidents that occur during diving activities – whether in the water or on the surface. The type of injury matters less than the activity in which they are engaged. If they fall while running on the deck of pool, they would not be covered; however, if they fall while in gear, coverage would protect them.

Does this cover free-diving training?

Yes, the DAN Student Medical Expense Coverage program is available to entry-level breath-hold divers.

How do I know if our course is covered?

This program covers open-water scuba diving certification and entry-level certification courses for breath-hold diving. For questions about whether your agency’s course will qualify, contact the DAN Professional Services department at

How long does coverage last?

Coverage is valid for up to 180 days or until completion of a student’s last certifying dive, whichever comes first.

Are students covered if they finish an open-water course with a different instructor?

If a student changes instructors at any time throughout his or her entry-level, open-water training the new instructor will need to register the student again for the coverage to be active. The coverage is attached to individual instructors, not students.

What should I do in the event of a dive accident?

In the event of a dive emergency, after local emergency services have been activated, please call DAN’s Emergency Medical Line +1 (919) 684-9111

Support Dive Safety

When you support DAN, you support our ongoing efforts to reduce dive injuries, and improve first response and medical treatment. 100% of the profits earned from DAN are reinvested back into medical and health research to help make diving safer for all divers.

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