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The five most common scuba diving accidents are preventable. DAN’s Prepared Diver course teaches divers about safe diving using real-world examples. This course is available to DAN Pros to share with divers of all levels.

Designed to Save Lives

Interactive online curriculum keeps divers engaged

Reduce Risk

Enrolling students shows a commitment to safe diving

Subsidized by DAN

DAN Pros keep 100% of any course fees

Empower and inform

Most divers don’t plan to run out of air or make an uncontrolled ascent. By learning about the common, preventable mistakes that cause these emergencies, divers can identify and avoid the five most common triggers of dive incidents.

Available at NO COST to DAN Pros

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Download and print the DAN Prepared Diver brochure to promote the Prepared Diver course to your students and customers.

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1. Log into dan.org and select Enroll Your Students from the Prepared Diver Course section of the homepage.
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2. Enter your student’s email addresses to send invitations.
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Contact DAN Professional Services at 800-446-2671 (8:30am - 5:00pm EST) Email: DANPros@DAN.org

Support Dive Safety

When you support DAN, you support our ongoing efforts to reduce dive injuries, and improve first response and medical treatment. 100% of the profits earned from DAN are reinvested back into medical and health research to help make diving safer for all divers.

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