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Professional Liability Coverage

Train Confidently. Lead Wisely.

Risk is inherent to all types of diving. As a leader in the dive community, you are responsible for keeping yourself and your divers safe — and sustaining your business. DAN’s professional liability insurance coverage directly addresses the real-world demands of instructors, and our programs are available to DAN Professional Members at the lowest possible rates.

Professional Liability Coverage
  • Competitive Pricing Discounts for DAN Professional Members
  • Global Coverage
  • Bodily Injury and Property Damage
  • Refusal to Train
  • Unlimited Defense Costs
  • Technical, Rebreather and First Aid Endorsements
  • Backed by Lloyds of London and Gen Re


  1. Training has changed.

    While e-learning programs and independent study save time and give students more flexibility, new protocols also mean instructor-student contact time has been reduced.

  2. Equipment is More Sophisticated.

    Diving equipment is “smarter” and more intuitive, facilitating a culture of gear-reliance, but diving takes place in a harsh environment where things can and do go wrong.

  3. We Live in a Litigious Society.

    When training, certifying or supervising dive activities, professionals are accepting legal responsibility for up to seven years. Even if all training is conducted perfectly, you may remain liable.

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