Worldcue Planner

Worldcue Planner is the same travel intelligence resource already being used by top government officials, corporate executives and travel agents to enhance travel plans and avoid potential difficulties while traveling.

Worldcue® Planner Travel Intelligence® Resource
enhances traveler safety, productivity and peace of mind.

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With Worldcue Planner, travelers have 24/7 access to:
  • Continuously updated global travel intelligence for more than 180 countries and 260 cities covering 10 subject areas: security, health, transportation, entry/exit, finance, culture, language, communication, legal and weather/environment.
  • Real-time travel alerts on breaking events and advice on how to avoid or minimize travel disruptions.
  • Comprehensive travel advice on more than 150 topics to help manage common travel issues and deal with the unexpected.
  • Travel tools, including a currency converter, international weather information, a world clock and international phone country codes.
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is Travel Intelligence?
    Travel Intelligence is real-time, independent, unbiased, high-quality knowledge addressing not only what the issues are, but also what the traveler can do about them. Worldcue Planner Travel Intelligence covers a range of issues including security, entry/exit requirements, communications, transportation and the security of travelers as well as their property. Regional and functional analysts gather travel-related information from more than 6,000 worldwide sources, verify it, analyze it and transform it into practical intelligence.

    Q: Who uses Travel Intelligence?
    In the past, top government officials, corporate executives and others willing to pay a premium for information to help them avoid potential difficulties while traveling have used Travel Intelligence. With Worldcue Planner, DAN is able to make this information available to its members.

    Q: What sources are used?
    More than 6,000 primary sources worldwide are used, representing tens of thousands of secondary sources. These sources are continuously monitored, alerting the category and regional analysts to breaking news and situations around the world. In addition to using sophisticated computer programs, analysts, who have lived and worked in the countries they monitor, obtain native language sources thereby eliminating the need for translation and the risk of misunderstanding. Worldcue Planner has consistently been well ahead of the State Department, CDC and in many cases even news agencies in providing critical information to agents and travelers.

    Q: How often is Worldcue Planner updated?
    Worldcue Planner Travel Intelligence is up to the minute, 365 days per year.

    Q: How much does Worldcue Planner cost?
    Access to Worldcue Planner is available to active DAN Members at no charge.

    Q: How do I access Worldcue Planner?
    Active members will find a link for the service in the resource section of their My DAN Account.

    Subject Areas

    Worldcue Planner allows you to search from the following categories of information:

  • Objective information reports (social stability and political unrest)
  • Transportation risk analysis
  • Recommendations for reducing risk and property vulnerability
  • Crisis situation actions
  • English-speaking emergency contacts
  • Entry/Exit
  • Visa requirements for tourists/business travelers
  • Required and suggested vaccinations
  • Arrival/departure fees and taxes
  • Necessary cocumentation
  • Transportation
  • Airline baggage regulations and requirements
  • English-speaking roadside assistance contacts
  • Public transportation availability and conditions
  • Environment
  • Weather reports
  • Up-to-date local area maps
  • Natural disaster likelihood
  • Health
  • Recommended/required immunizations
  • In-country health facilities and travel health clinics
  • Food and water safety
  • CDC travel recommendations
  • Geographically specific endemic diseases
  • Communications/Technology
  • Mobile phone capabilities
  • Embassy contact
  • Internet access
  • Reliability/rates for local mail system
  • Procedures for placing phone calls
  • Current/electricity requirements
  • Financial
  • Current rates of exchange
  • Currency conversion
  • Credit card usage/acceptance
  • Local cost of living
  • Culture
  • Social norms/mores (gestures, business meals, etc.)
  • Appropriate local dress
  • Attitudes toward women/men/singles
  • Language
  • Official language
  • Other frequently spoken languages
  • Legal
  • English-speaking attorneys
  • Civil rights concerns
  • Representation abroad

  • Travel Intelligence® and Worldcue® are trademarks owned by iJET Travel Intelligence Inc.