DAN TravelAssist

If you travel on a trip at least 50 miles (80 km) from your permanent residence, TravelAssist is there to help 24 hours a day. DAN TravelAssist arranges emergency medical evacuations for any medical emergency — and provides many more benefits — for you and your immediate family members.

Reward Points

One of the most popular benefits of being a DAN Industry Partner is the Reward Points program, by which participants can accumulate points to redeem for valuable DAN products or any DAN Membership dues.

Diver IDentification System

Free to DAN Industry Partners, the Diver IDentification System (DIDS) ensures that dive leaders will always know that all divers have returned safely from their dives. The improved system helps divemasters track their divers at all open-water sites and on charter boats.

Industry Partner Directory

With the online DAN Business Member directory, divers can search the area where they live, or the destination they plan to visit, and find a dive center that supports DAN just like they do.