Who is eligible to become a DAN Business Member?

To qualify to be a DAN Business Member, you must be located in the 50 U.S. states or Canada.

How does a DAN Business Member earn DAN Reward Points?

As a DAN Business Member, you can earn reward points for new individual or family memberships you refer to DAN. Points can be redeemed for DAN products, including membership dues, or for cash. Points have no expiration date.

How many Reward Points can you earn?

There is no limit on the number of points you can earn. For each new DAN membership using your referral number, you earn 5 Reward Points. One point has the value of $1.

How do I know how many Reward Points I have?

You can either login to your account or call your dedicated customer service team at 1-877-532-6776.

You need to create an online account the first time you use the online services.

How do I apply my Reward Points to a purchase?

You can either inform the customer service representative that you would like to redeem points when you call, or indicate this on your order prior to mailing or faxing it in. You must have the total points required to purchase an item or membership. You cannot pay the difference with cash.

What information will you need for my directory listing on the website?

As much contact information as you can provide! Also, tell us which DAN classes you teach and with which training agencies you work. To update your profile, login to your Industry Partner account or give us a call.

How do I get a custom referral link for my website?

We include your custom referral link in your welcome email when you join or renew. Otherwise, you can access the link at any time by logging into to your Business Member account or by requesting for us to send it via email.

I would like to sell DAN products in my store. How do I do that?

DAN Business Members receive special pricing on most of the products that DAN sells. To place a product order, you can call a Business Member representative at 1-877-532-6776, send your order via fax, or you can place you order through the DAN Online Store.

What is my Business Member password?

Your password is encrypted. If you forget your password, simply click "Forgot password" at the login page, and you can reset it. Or you can call a Business Member representative at 1-877-532-6776. A representative will reset your account so you can create a new password.

How do I ensure that I receive credit when my customers join DAN?

Ask your customers to use your referral link on your website when joining DAN. You may also want to include it in an email when encouraging them to become a member before attending a class or trip. You can also ensure your brochures are stamped with your Business Member number so you can ask your customers to provide it if they opt to join online or by calling DAN.

Become a DAN Business Member.