Special Pricing on DAN Products

DAN Industry Partners enjoy discounts on most of the products that DAN sells. This makes it easier to outfit your operation with oxygen and first aid equipment, purchase DAN training materials for an upcoming course or even offer your customers select products for resale.

Directory Listing on the DAN Website

DAN Members prefer to do business with dive operations that support DAN and dive safety. By including your business in the online directory on DAN's website, you gain access to hundreds of thousands of active divers and potential customers. Your listing includes your business name and location, a link to your website, a list of the DAN training courses you offer, what type of services you provide, a list of the training agencies with which you are affiliated and complete contact information.

Custom Referral Link

DAN will provide you with a customized referral link you can place on your website or email to your students and customers. This link ensures that you receive credit for those who join DAN as a result of your referral. Various graphics are also available upon request to use with the link.

HighViz Email Newsletter

Created just for DAN Industry Partners, this monthly electronic newsletter keeps you informed about how best to use DAN benefits and services and gives you the latest information on DAN news, programs and product specials.

Rewards Program

As a DAN Business Member, you can earn Reward Points for new Individual or Family Memberships you refer to DAN. Points can be redeemed for DAN products, including membership dues. Points never expire, so you have plenty of time to earn enough for something special such as a DAN Oxygen Unit. Points also can be redeemed for cash.

Dedicated Phone and Email Support

As a DAN Business Member, you can contact a dedicated customer service team of experienced divers who have owned, run or worked in retail dive businesses. Simply call 1-877-532-6776 or send a message.

Alert Diver

DAN Business Members get a subscription to Alert Diver magazine for their business.

Other Opportunities Available to DAN Business Members

DAN Travel Insurance Programs
If you sell dive travel, make sure to participate in the DAN Travel Insurance Incentive Program and earn referral rewards each time your customers buy DAN Travel Insurance. If you lead groups of 10 or more, purchase DAN's Group Travel Insurance plan at a discounted rate.

DAN Student Membership Program
If scuba instruction is part of your business, be sure to enroll your entry-level students in the DAN Student Membership Program, and introduce them to all that DAN has to offer. Student Members receive up to $20,000 dive accident insurance coverage during entry-level training (decompression illness only) at no cost to the instructor or student.

Diver IDentification System
With the DAN Diver IDentification System, you and your dive leaders always know how many divers have returned safely from a dive and how many are still in the water. Since this program is funded by donations, these boards are available at no charge to those who apply (PDF: 1.12 MB).

Become a DAN Business Member.