Diver IDentification System

Free to DAN Industry Partners, the Diver IDentification System (DIDS) ensures that dive leaders will always know that all divers have returned safely from their dives. The improved system helps divemasters track their divers at all open-water sites and on charter boats.

Supported by DAN Donors and DAN Corporate Donors, the system consists of one or two boards, each in red or white with 12 numbered tags, capable of tracking up to 24 divers at the same time.

Before the dive, the dive leader assigns each diver an individually numbered DIDS tag, which the diver clips to his or her BCD. After the dive, the diver unclips the tag and returns it to the board. The DID System combined with another diver roll-call procedure will help ensure that no diver will be left in the water.

Make sure none of your divers are left behind! Download the DIDS application (PDF: 1.12 MB), or contact the DAN Industry Partner team about how you can start using the free DAN Diver IDentification System.

The Diver Identification System is funded by DAN Donors. Please consider joining principal backer The Living Seas at Walt Disney World by supporting this program. You may give online or contact DAN Development at 1-800-446-2671 ext. 444.