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Student Accident Medical Coverage in and out of water

Accident Medical coverage for your Open Water students— a NEW benefit for our Professional Members.

  • Offered at no cost to you, subsidized by DAN
  • Up to US$25,000 coverage for medical accident expenses for injuries occurring during entry-level training (for scuba or breath-hold diving).
  • Coverage ends 180 days after registration or until last certifying dive, whichever comes first.
  • Easy Enrollment
More than one in ten dive injuries occur in training. Protect your students with free DAN student accident medical coverage.

Prepared Diver Course

Online course on five contributing factors — each preventable — that lead to diver injury or death.

  • Offer to all students and you keep 100% of the course fee (US$25 value)
  • No course prerequisites, no skill requirements and no paperwork
  • Complements all entry-level certification courses

The aim of DAN’s Prepared Diver course is to prevent the most common accidents in diving. Use the course with your students and help make diving safer.

Safe Diving Guides

Giant Stride: The NEW Divers Guide to Safe Diving
Giant Stride is a detailed online guide to help new divers transition from open-water training to diving independently.

Smart Guide Series
Short guides that provide up-to-date, easily accessible information.

Professional ResourcesInsight for You. Awareness for Your Staff.

Scientific Summaries
Significant, yet straightforward, individual study synopses created from DAN research findings and workshop proceedings.

Case Summaries
Based on real diving incidents, case summaries provide relevant risk management advice and diver preparedness insight.

Health & Diving Library
Valuable online information on topics critical to the health and safety of divers — for all levels of experience.

The Power of DANThe Power of the Brand for You. Your Staff. Your Divers.

35 Years of Scientific Data

  • World Class Dive Research
  • Critical Medical Safety Information
  • Membership and Insurance Programs
  • Lifesaving Evacuation

On-Call Dive Safety Assistance

• 24/7 Emergency Hotline: +1 919-684-9111

• Medical Information Line: +1 919-684-2948

• Ask a Medic DAN.ORG

DAN First-Aid ProgramsHelp prepare divers to respond to real world emergencies.


Become qualified to teach one or all of DAN's first-aid training courses and prepare divers to manage incidents and respond to emergencies. Now available on DAN's new eLearning platform, these courses complement the traditional in-water training provided to divers.

DAN's first-aid courses reflect the newest research and best practices
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