DAN Physician Referral Network Application Process

When individuals contact DAN for a referral, we generally give them the physician's primary contact information to arrange for an appointment. They may want to be medically cleared for diving (e.g., a fitness-to-dive physical), or they may seek evaluation of a possible dive-related injury. Patients experiencing acute symptoms and signs are always referred to their local emergency department or acute care clinic.

DAN also may provide a referral physician's contact information for use in consult by another physician, one perhaps less knowledgeable in matters of dive fitness or injury.

If you wish to join our referral network, please review the criteria below and complete the Diving Physician Referral Application Form and submit it to DAN along with the required copies of your medical license and CME certificate(s) for dive medicine and/or hyperbaric programs. After we have examined and approved your documents, your name and contact information will be added to our database.

Physician Referral Criteria
  • Training as an M.D. or D.O.
  • Licensed to practice medicine
  • Completion of hyperbaric and dive medicine-related course within the past five years
  • Military-trained diving medical officers with completion of an accredited hyperbaric fellowship or board certification in undersea and hyperbaric medicine may provide exemption.

  • Willingness to receive referrals for:
  • Diver evaluations to evaluate symptoms
  • Diver physicals to enter or return to recreational scuba diving
  • Questions related to health issues and diving

  • Complete the Diving Physician Referral Application Form.

    Update your information (if you are a physician already in our network).