Chamber Facility Referral Application

DAN does not provide hyperbaric chamber location information to the general public, but we do maintain a database of chamber facilities as part of our emergency medical consultation service. If you are affiliated with a hyperbaric chamber facility and would like the facility to be a part of our chamber referral network, please review the criteria below and contact a DAN medical information specialist.

Thank you for your interest in providing dive medicine services to recreational divers.

Chamber Referral Criteria

  • Chamber must be currently in operation.
  • Chamber personnel must be appropriately trained in the use of the chamber.
  • A technician or director should be responsible for overseeing chamber safety.
  • A trained physician must be involved in the treatment of divers.
  • The staff and facility must be available on a 24-hour on-call basis.

  • Treatment
  • Standard treatment tables or their monoplace equivalents must be used for the treatment of DCI in the recreational diver.
  • All treatment tables used in treating divers must employ oxygen.
  • All chambers should have the capability and space available to observe and monitor the diver outside of the chamber before or after their treatment.
  • During treatments in multiplace chambers, oxygen should be available for chamber attendants according to recognized decompression procedures (e.g., those of the U.S. Navy).
  • Surface oxygen needs to be available.

  • Chamber
  • Chamber routine maintenance and service must be performed and proper records kept.
  • Patient treatment logs must be kept.
  • Oxygen capacity must be sufficient for multiple treatments.
  • Compliance with local fire safety standards as well as ASME/PVHO, NFPA and UHMS guidelines.
  • Completion of UHMS survey and accreditation preferred.
  • Compliance with Risk Assessment Guide to apply to all remote chamber facilities outside of the United States.

  • To apply, contact a DAN medical information specialist.

    Update your information (if you represent a chamber already in our database).