DAN Medical Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Use a Boat?

Some of the world's best diving locations are accessible only by boat. Whether you are a brand new diver or have logged thousands of dives, you will experience diving from a boat somewhere in the world. The primary reason for using dive boats is that the boat can get you right to the location, and the diver can descend directly to the bottom without long swims.

The DAN On-Board course will help you understand the different types of boats and familiarize you with terminology and procedures to have a safe experience while on a dive boat. It is important to note that not all boats are appropriate for use as a dive platform. Some pleasure boats are not designed to allow a diver to get off and back on the boat easily, nor are they set up to handle multiple divers and multiple sets of dive gear. While almost any boat can be used for diving, not every boat should be. Let us look at some of the popular types of boats used for diving.

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