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Introduction to DAN

Introduction to DAN and the mission to provide safety information and resources to travelers. The Divers Alert Network (DAN) was established in 1980 in recognition of the diving community's need for a 24-hour emergency hotline staffed by experts in diving medicine. Before long, DAN was offering broad financial and logistical support to divers through extensive research and education initiatives, as well as products and services useful to divers. Today, DAN is the largest diving safety organization in the world.

We discovered along the way that our offerings had begun to attract the attention of nondivers who wanted the security of access to emergency assistance when they needed it most. Therefore, while DAN continues to fulfill its mission of providing medical information and assistance to scuba divers who suffer diving injuries, the organization's 24/7 emergency assistance line now also serves nondiving members who experience any kind of accidental injury or unexpected illness during any type of travel.

DAN also provides vital information to help you prevent and manage illness and injury while you're away from home. With an international reputation for dive safety research and education, DAN now applies the same scientific approach to informing travelers of all sorts about the most current and relevant health and safety guidelines. The better you understand the causes of common travel illnesses, the better you'll be able to minimize risks that can compromise your safety and your enjoyment of your journey.

DAN works with numerous global partners to aid members who experience a medical emergency when they're away from home — whether it's minor or serious, whether it requires on-site treatment or evacuation. If you need help in an unfamiliar location anywhere in the world, contact DAN for assistance. We are here to help.

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