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Welcome To DAN On-Board

DAN ON-BOARD is a comprehensive program in which both divers and dive operators share uniform training and information. This part of the program focuses on you, the diver, and the information you need to know to have an informed and safe experience when diving from a boat.

Scuba diving from boats can take place on everything from a kayak to large research vessels. These vessels are owned and operated by individuals, or they are commercially owned and staffed with licensed captains and mates. Regardless of the type of vessel, to ensure safety you need to be aware of the special procedures and etiquette used when diving from a boat. The DAN On-Board program introduces you to different types of boats, operations, and the skills needed to dive from a boat with maximum safety.

This course is not intended to teach all the techniques and knowledge necessary to dive from every type of boat available. Local knowledge, techniques, and regulations from all areas are impossible to be incorporated into a single course. This program provides a substantial portion of the information and techniques necessary to dive safely from boats. It is not intended to replace the diving fundamentals you learned during your certification training but rather to augment what you learned in class.

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