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Scuba diving is an adventure activity that holds inherent risks of personal injury or death. Good dive training and good equipment can help minimize those risks, but there is no guarantee of the elimination of risks.

The Code of the Responsible Diver states that:
  • You must accept responsibility for your own actions and safety.
  • You must dive within the limits of your training and ability.
  • Evaluate the conditions before every dive, and make sure they fit your personal capabilities.
  • Be familiar with and check all equipment before, during, and after the dive.
  • Personally analyze or directly observe the analysis of any breathing gas.
  • Always dive with an alternate air or gas source.
  • Know your dive buddy's ability level as well as your own. In addition to the Code of the Responsible Diver, remember that each dive should be a SAFE DIVE directly related to:
  • Self-reliance
  • Attitude
  • Fitness
  • Experience
  • Diving skills
  • Involvement
  • Variety
  • Equipment

More information on dive safety, medicine, and first aid can be found on the Divers Alert Network website at DAN.org.

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