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Preface to the DAN Boater medical guide focused specifically at travelers. The Divers Alert Network (DAN) is pleased to publish this first edition of the Travel Medical Guide, to address the needs of those seeking a concise health guide aimed specifically at travelers. We have included issues relevant to scuba divers, as well as to boaters and swimmers ... and to travelers of any sort, since divers often fall into those categories, too. So even if you're just a traveler — not a diver, boater or swimmer — you're still sure to find useful information here. And for anyone interested in more information on scuba-specific topics, further details can be found in other DAN publications .

It ought to go without saying that all medical treatments should conform to the very best practice guidelines available. At the same time, travelers (and those who care for them) need to keep in mind that treatments must be adapted to the constraints and environments where the need for care arises.

We hope you find this guide helpful. As always, we invite your comments and feedback to help make it better. And we wish you safe travels.

Petar J. Denoble, MD, D.Sc.
James M. Chimiak, MD
Matias Nochetto, MD
Daniel Nord, BFA, EMT-P, DMT-A
Joel Dovenbarger, BSN

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