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Common infectious diseases and their prevalence

A summary of the infectious illnesses likely to be encountered by travelers.The most common transmissible diseases vary in their worldwide prevalence and severity. Here is a summary of the infectious illnesses likely to be encountered by travelers.Incidence and prevalence: 10,000,000 people in endemic areas and about 1,000,000 in non-endemic areas including Spain and USA. Epidemiology is changing.

Severity and Mortality: Determinate chagas can lead to cardiac insufficiency including life-threatening dysrhythmiasIncidence and prevalence: 3,900 million people at risk; 390 million infected; 90 million manifested. It is treated as an emerging disease due to recent expansion to new geographic areas.

Severity and Mortality: 1-10% fatal

**Dengue hemorrhagic fever has a severity and mortality of 26%.***Incidence and prevalence*: 1.8 billion

Severity and Mortality: 1.8 million (in 2004)Incidence and prevalence: 12 million infected worldwide, 2 million new cases/year

Severity and Mortality: 20-50 thousand deaths/yearIncidence and prevalence: 296,000-376,000 new cases in the US yearly

Severity and Mortality: Early treatment is usually curative. Delayed diagnosis and treatment can lead to disability.Incidence and prevalence: 120 million affected, 5% of population on endemic areas

Severity and Mortality: 40 million disfigured or incapacitated worldwideIncidence and prevalence: 198 million cases in 2013

Severity and Mortality: Over 850,000 deaths (90% in Africa). Respiratory distress up to 25% adults and 40% childrenIncidence and prevalence: 1 billion

Severity and Mortality: 3.9 millionIncidence and prevalence: Over 35 million people infected, with 800,000 having some degree of blindness, 99% cases occurred in Africa

Severity and Mortality: Blindness if untreated. Not deadly, but infection reduces hosts immunity and resistance to other diseases.Incidence and prevalence: Over 200 million people affected worldwide.

Severity and Mortality: 200,000 die per year. Untreated disease could evolve over years to liver damage and kidney failure.Incidence and prevalence: Prevalence up to 50% in Subsaharan Africa

Severity and Mortality: 9,000 deaths per year, > 80% in Congo. Fatal if untreated.Incidence and prevalence: 200,000 cases

Severity and Mortality: 30,000 deaths per year, 90% in Africa. 15% evolve to toxic phase, which is fatal in 20% of cases

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