DAN Medical Frequently Asked Questions

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Both you and the dive vessel have a responsibility to each other. The vessel and crew have a responsibility to equip, maintain, and operate the vessel in a safe and professional manner. The crew is to be trained and maintain that training through ongoing in-service activities. In addition, the vessel and crew are to maintain a courteous atmosphere while maintaining vigilance in safety.

You as a passenger and diver are to adhere to the rules set by the captain and crew. It is your responsibility to listen carefully to safety and diving briefings and abide by the diving rules presented. In addition, you are responsible for your own safety while in the water. To that end if you do not feel comfortable or capable to do a particular dive it is your responsibility to both yourself and your crew to sit out that dive. DAN On-Board encourages you to seek additional training to develop your own skills and education. In addition to keeping dive skills current you are responsible to keep current with personal health and medical care.

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