DAN Medical Frequently Asked Questions

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Quiz - Module 1: Introduction

  • a. Loft
  • b. Pitch
  • c. Rise
  • *d. Heave-a. Yaw
  • b. Pitch
  • *c. Roll
  • d. Wallow-*a. Creating a joint responsibility between divers and boat operators
  • b. Creating strict rules for dive gear allowed on boats
  • c. Generating one-time certification cards for new divers.
  • d. Requiring on-board dedicated classroom space on all DAN certified dive boats.-a. Hot showers and cold drinks
  • *b. Access for divers to get off the boat and back on while managing dive gear
  • c. Space for no more than 6 divers
  • d. A compressor capable of filling SCUBA cylinders in 3 minutes or less.
  • a. Enforcing strict rules on how dive boats conduct dive trips
  • *b. Conducting investigations when dive accidents occur seeking in to identify contributing factors
  • c. Daily permits for all commercial diving operations
  • d. Conscription of all dive boat crew members in case of natural disasters
  • *a. An online program which you may to continue to use and visit as often as you like
  • b. An annual certification program recommended for all divers utilizing commercial dive boats
  • c. A one-time certification taught by dive shops in store-based classrooms
  • d. A travel discount program connecting divers with special group deals and free coffee.
  • *a. The diving industry's largest association dedicated to scuba diving safety
  • b. A regional group focused on diving the western Atlantic ocean
  • c. A certification organization offering alertness training for new divers
  • d. A massive multiplayer online scuba diving game available on multiple platforms.-a. Restricted to divers with at least 50 shore dives
  • b. A required skill for inland divers without shore access
  • c. Requires 100% standardized, uniform procedures for crew and customers
  • *d. The most popular way of accessing dive sites around the world
  • *a. Help divers understand how to have safe adventures on the most popular types of dive boat vessels.
  • b. Protect divers from all possible injury at all times
  • c. Assist divers with dive boat reservations world-wide
  • d. Ensure dive gear selection that all boats can accommodate in all countries.
  • a. When rebreathers may be used on a commercial dive boat
  • *b. How passenger vessel operators are to handle safety procedures on any boat
  • c. The number of divers per vessel length that may be accommodated on dive boats
  • d. Where on the dive boat individual divers are allowed to exit and return to the boat.

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