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Quiz Module 3: Dive Boat Etiquette

  • *a. The Boat Safety briefing
  • b. The dive briefing
  • c. The insurance briefing
  • d. Welcome Aboard Discussion
  • *a. Emergency exit locations, Life jackets, correct donning of life jackets, fire extinguisher location
  • b. Number of passengers, Estimated time until boat sinks
  • c. Orientation to shipboard library
  • d. Maximal dive time for the first dive.
  • *a. Shout immediately, point, keep your eyes on the MOB, throw a life safety ring or cushion
  • b. Jump in the water to assist the MOB
  • c. Deploy the chase boat by yourself
  • d. Activate the EPIRB and throw it towards the MOB
  • a. Ventilator and intubation kit
  • *b. AED, DAN Emergency 0xygen KIT, and DAN First Aid Kit.
  • c. Satellite phone, shortwave radio, plugs to stop hull leak
  • d. Instructions In case of fire, please use stairs and not the elevators.

  • a. Arrange ahead of time so gear is ready and you can dive immediately without checking
  • *b. allow time to insure safety check of all rental gear including fit adjustments
  • c. Arrive right at departure time so you can check all rental gear to the pool
  • d. Buy all your own gear from the dive operation by the 2nd day of the trip.
  • a. Compressor room, Galley, marine heads, engine room
  • b. Galley, bow of the boat, stern of the boat, gear benches
  • *c. Engine room, Compressor room, wheelhouse, galley
  • d. Sundeck , bilge areas, bunk room, anchor locker

  • a. Only awake passengers must attend
  • *b. All passengers must attend and give their undivided attention
  • c. Feel free to talk amongst yourself since it's the same thing every time.
  • d. Set up all your gear while the captain is doing the PSO so you'll be ready early.
  • a. You won't need to listen to the PSO since you know it all
  • b. You can go to sleep early since you don't need to listen
  • *c. You'll learn to anticipate what the Briefing will include so you can focus on content during the PSO.
  • d. It keeps you busy while the crew prepares the vessel to leave the dock.
  • *a. Turn off the cylinder valve and ensure the entire scuba rig is secured to the cylinder rack
  • b. Place entire scuba rig in 55 gallon rinse bucket
  • c. Lower the scuba rig into the water and attach to boat on small line
  • d. Don scuba rig and go inside to sit in the salon of the boat
  • a. Carry a Freon horn to sound if the boat begins to leave without you
  • *b. Tell a crew member before you step off the boat so they won't leave you behind
  • c. Eat dinner on shore and return to the boat exactly at the scheduled departure time
  • d. Run quickly as docks are always clean, dry, and uncrowded.

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