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Public Lecture: The Bumpy Road to Personalized Decompression

The bimonthly lecture series provides a platform to maintain a dialogue with local divers and develop new talks. A pre-event social with light refreshments will start each meeting. There is no charge to attend and no need to preregister. The 45-55 minute presentation will be followed by 30+ minutes for questions/discussion.

Dr. Frauke Tillmans, DAN Research Director.**If you asked leading experts in dive medicine what they would predict for the future of decompression sickness prevention, you would get many different answers. Some see it in the optimization of dive computer algorithms, others in standardized pre-conditioning procedures before the dive, and some are convinced that preventing DCS is just one superfood or decompression pill away. Lacking a crystal ball, we look to the recent literature in diving physiology, where we find promising hints (mostly from animal studies) about what personalized decompression may look like in the future.***When:* February 6, 2019

Pre-event Social: 6:15pm

Lecture Time: 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Cost: Free

Registration: Not required

Location: DAN Headquarters, 6 West Colony Place, Durham, North Carolina

Contact: Jeanette Moore

Phone: +1 (800) 446-2671, ext. 1260

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