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Getting the Most from this Course

DAN On-Board is an e-learning course. And while e-learning is fun and easy to use, it still requires some attention. Here are some tips to make your learning experience a success.
  1. Read and study the materials presented carefully. Where there are videos, watch and listen with purpose.

  2. Keep the learning objectives stated in mind as you study, then review them after completing each section to be sure you have acquired the knowledge.

  3. As you study, keep notes on areas that are unclear to you so you can review them again prior to completing the entire section.

  4. Become familiar with the "new terms" identified at the beginning of each section. When a new term appears in the text or on the video, refresh your memory of its meaning if it is unclear to you. You may also click on the word to pause the program, and its definition will pop up. The terms are also defined in the reference section at the end of the program.

  5. Keep a small notebook with information you learn from this course, and keep it with your dive gear for reference before you go diving off boats.

  6. We commend you on your decision to become a DAN On-Board diver. You will do more, and learn more in this program than you did in other courses that just touched on boat diving. The end result is you will know more and be a safer passenger and diver when you have DAN On-Board.

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