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Dive Boat Etiquette

Ask any three divers who have been around dive boats for a while about dive boat etiquette, and you will get three completely different descriptions of how one is to act while on a dive boat. Much of this has to do with the simple fact that rules aboard dive boats can vary by location, type of vessel, and the familiarity and experience of the passengers and crew.

ad:media]For hundreds of years passengers have been sailing on vessels and the general rules, customs, and traditions are established to help those on board have a safe voyage. Commercial and private boats follow similar routines, and while the atmosphere on a dive boat may be less formal than on a military vessel, the rules and formalities are no less important.
Being a passenger on a dive boat is different than getting on most any other boat because here the passengers are actively involved in activities that include getting off and on the boat without using a pier or dock. Divers bring dramatically more equipment onto a boat than do non-diving passengers. Diving requires attention and skills not normally needed when just traveling on a boat as a passenger. In this section, we will discuss dive boat etiquette and provide you with the techniques needed to have a safe and successful trip aboard a dive boat.

To help you have a better understanding of how to conduct yourself on a dive boat, we present this information in the manner in which the action or information would occur. For example, before one can step off a boat to dive, one must first have permission to board the boat! As you review this information, think about how these actions play out in real life.

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