DAN Medical Frequently Asked Questions

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Dive boats need to be properly prepared prior to their departure. The crew needs time and space to get ready for the trip's activities. Once the boat is ready, a crew member will invite you to board. While you are waiting to board, look over the boat, how it is laid out, what features you are familiar with, the location of the gates, and what type of ladder is attached. Also look for any obstructions that may hinder your ability to move around the deck. This initial observation is critical to your comfort and safety while on board.

Once the boat is ready to take on passengers, a crew member will invite you to board the boat and give instructions on where to stow and set up gear. When boarding the boat always make your movements deliberate, maintain good footing, and use handrails for stability. The deck may be wet, so be careful not to slip. In addition, remember that while the boat is a stable platform, it is floating. Any water movement will rock the boat. Be prepared for this movement, and use your hands on solid areas for stability. Many vessels have handrails in strategic locations for this purpose. If you will be getting on and off the boat to load gear, make sure you know what time the boat will be leaving the dock and ensure that you are back on board and accounted for.

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