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Latex Allergies

I have an allergy to latex. Is any part of the diver's equpiment made with latex? I am
interested in taking up the sport, but if there is any latex involved, I can't.

The overwhelming majority of diving equipment uses either silicone or neoprene rubber. Latex is most often used in what are known as dry suits. These exposure suits have water-tight seals at the neck and wrists. This where you would find the
majority of latex, but this is not an entry-level issue.

There are pieces of accessory equipment that are made of latex, but there are many
alternatives that are made of other materials.

You have a great deal of control with latex exposure with your own equipment. However, when you are diving from a resort, especially a dive boat, incidental encounters with latex are certainly possible. The severity of your allergic reactions needs to be considered as the best
indicator of whether diving would be an appropriate pursuit.

Please feel free to contact to us in the Medical Department at DAN if you have any further questions. Also your local dive shops are a good resource for discussing specific equipment issues.