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I'm scheduled for a hysterectomy next month. Can I return to diving after this surgery?

This is a surgical procedure in which the entire uterus is removed through the abdominal wall or through the vagina.
All that has been said about diving after a cesarean section (see Return to Diving After Giving Birth) applies to diving after general surgery, including a hysterectomy.
Women may resume diving after a hysterectomy, but they should wait until they have recovered general strength and fitness before they take the plunge - usually six to eight weeks, and sometimes longer.

Fitness and Diving Issues
As far as it relates to scuba diving, a hysterectomy is considered major surgery. It is recommended that anyone undergoing an abdominal surgery allow six to eight weeks of recovery before resuming diving. If the procedure is complicated in any way, by infection, anemia or other serious issues, it may be wise to further delay diving.
These recommendations apply to all types of hysterectomy:

    1. Removing the uterus abdominally (total abdominal hysterectomy);
    2. Removing the uterus vaginally (vaginal hysterectomy);
    3. Removing the uterus plus the tubes and ovaries (hysterectomy plus salpingo-oophorectomy);
    4. Removing the top of the uterus, but leaving the cervix intact (subtotal hysterectomy).