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My doctor tells me I have endometriosis. Will that cause any complications for me or put me at higher risk when I dive?

With endometriosis, the tissue containing typical endometrial cells occurs abnormally in various locations outside the uterus. During menstruation this abnormally occurring endometrial tissue, like the lining of the uterus, undergoes cyclic bleeding. The blood in this endometrial tissue has no means of draining to the outside of the body. As a result, blood collects in the surrounding tissue, causing pain and discomfort.

Fitness and Diving Issues
Because endometriosis can cause increased bleeding, cramping, amount and duration of menstrual flow, diving may not be in a woman's best interest when she experiences severe symptoms. Nevertheless, there is no evidence that a woman with endometriosis diving at other times is at any greater risk of diving-related disease than a person without this condition.