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How to reach DAN

DAN provides many benefits to members, but the most reassuring one may be knowing that you can call on us from anywhere, at any time. We offer a wide range of phone and online resources. Here are various ways to reach us:Call +1-919-667-9111 for both medical and travel emergencies.

So that our members can reach this toll-free number from outside the United States, DAN has made arrangements with AT&T's USADirect service. To use this service:

* Look up the USADirect access code for the country (and region, in some cases) that you are calling from.
* Dial that access code into the phone you are calling from.
* An English-language voice prompt or an AT&T operator will ask you for the number you are calling; enter or say the DAN number you are trying to reach.

The DAN Emergency Hotline is available 24/7 from anywhere in the world and also accepts collect calls that concern EMERGENCY situations. Note also that DAN must make all transportation arrangements PRIOR to an evacuation.

For nonemergency questions, call the DAN Medical Information Line at +1-919-490-2011 or email us at medic@danboater.org.

Here are several additional DAN resources and ways to reach DAN:

* DAN Boater Travel Health & Safety Articles
* Email us
* Or write to us at DAN, 6 West Colony Place, Durham, NC 27705 USA

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