DAN Medical Frequently Asked Questions



Ear Squeeze (Ear Pain)Dealing with Middle Ear Barotrauma
Mask SqueezeNot just a dilemma for new divers, DAN takes an in-depth, in-your-face look at it.
Nosebleeds (Sinus Squeeze)DAN explains why new divers frequently get nosebleeds.

Cardiovascular (Heart)

Cholesterol Medications & DivingDiscussing the effects of cholesterol-lowering medications on diving.
Diving After a Heart AttackDAN discusses fitness and diving after a heart attack.
Implanted Internal DefibrillatorsCardiovascular fitness and diving
MurmursLooking at unusual heart rhythms
Pacemakers and DivingDAN Offers Some Sage Advice on Mixing the Two, By CDR Jim Caruso, M.C., U.S. Navy Diving Medical Officer
Vasovagal and Carotid Sinus SyncopesDAN explains these fainting episodes.

Decompression Illness

Diving at AltitudeLiving at a subsea level and diving above sea level
Flying After DivingDAN reviews its guidelines on how soon divers may fly after diving.
Timing exercise and divingBy Dr. Neal Pollock Ph.D.


Dental ImplantsHow long before I can dive after dental implants?
Diving and Root CanalsGetting to the root of a dental problem by Linda Bascom, DDS and John Monk, MS
Diving and Wisdom TeethDAN Sinks Its Teeth Into Dental Issues and Diving
Diving with a cracked toothDealing with a cracked tooth
Diving with a cracked toothDealing with a cracked tooth

Diabetes & Diving

Diving Accidents

Basic InstinctsDAN explores a hypothetical underwater emergency.
Chamber Location and AvailabilityDAN responds to concerns regarding this complex issue.

Ears, Nose, & Throat

Unplugged: DAN Examines the Use of Earplugs In Scuba DiversBy Wesley Hyatt, DAN Communications, and Joel Dovenbarger, Vice President of DAN Medical Services


Diving With HyperglycemiaThe importance of re-evaluating your fitness to dive.

Fitness to Dive

Getting Fit for Dive SeasonDAN Examines the Components of A Good Dive Physical With An Emphasis on Cardiovascular Health
Healthy, But OverweightDAN Discusses the Issue of Fitness and Diving By Joel Dovenbarger, Vice President, DAN Medical Services


Liver TransplantDAN examines diving possibilities for donor & recipient.


Immersion Diuresis (Urge to Urinate)This underwater phenomenon can strike you even if you do not have a weak bladder .
Medical Questionnaire / StatementCan the truth hurt? Is it dangerous to be totally honest on the Dive Medical Questionnaire?
Remember to BreatheDAN explains why scuba divers should always remember to breathe normally while underwater.

Hematology (Blood)

Hemophilia & DivingThe risks of diving with hemophilia.
Hereditary Hemorrhagic TelangiectasiaOsler-Weber-Rendu Syndrome

Infectious Diseases

Marine Life

Bright Colors & Predator ProvocationTerritorial intrusion and tethered fish may attract a shark, but can bright colors get their toothy attention?
Jellyfish StingsIdentifying and Treating Jellyfish Stings


Diving After Bone FracturesBy James Chimiak, M.D.
OsteochondritisDAN responds to concerns relating to this inflammation of bony tissue.


Migraines (and Medical Forms)DAN discusses how migraine headaches can affect diving.

Ophthalmology (Eyes)

Detached Retina and DivingDAN discusses eye surgery for divers.
Macular DegenerationDAN discusses diving with this leading cause of blindness.

Plastic Surgery



Remember to BreatheDAN explains why scuba divers should always remember to breathe normally while underwater.

Women in Diving

Breast Cancer & Fitness to Dive IssuesDAN looks at treatments and discusses breast implants.