DAN Medical Frequently Asked Questions

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Basic Guidelines

There are some basic guidelines that can help to ensure the safe and effective use of a dive computer. The following considerations are intended to offer a somewhat light-hearted insight into what your dive computer can — and cannot — do.

It is helpful to think of your dive computer in these ways:
  • As a business competitor: Master it by learning its strengths and weaknesses.
  • As a date: It must be turned on for the relationship to work.
  • As a buddy: It should descend and ascend whenever, but only when, you do.
  • As a personal assistant: It reminds you of rules and schedules you might otherwise forget.
  • As an actor: It recites the lines without having to understand their implications.
  • As a politician: Do not believe everything it tells you.
  • As a hotel concierge: It will help you do what you want — but at a price.
  • As a stranger: It knows virtually nothing about your personal reality.
  • As a mate: Is it compatible with your friends?
  • As a news reporter: It will air your dirty laundry.
  • As a tool: Use it appropriately.

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