Diving Medicine

Breathing Gases
   - OXTOX: If You Dive Nitrox You Should Know About OXTOX

Cardiovascular (Heart)
   - Cardiovascular Fitness and Diving
   - Cardiovascular Medications and Diving
   - Patent Foramen Ovale
   - Patent Foramen Ovale - Is It Important to Divers?

Connective Tissues
   - Lupus: DAN Re-Examines Concerns Over Diving With This Disorder

Decompression Illness
   - Are Tissue Halftimes Real?
   - Decompression Illness: What Is It and What Is The Treatment?
   - Estimated DCI Incidence in a Select Group of Recreational Divers
   - Flying After Diving -- Cracking the DCS Code
   - Juggling Physical Exercise and Diving

Diabetes & Diving
   - Blood Glucose Response in Insulin-Requiring Diabetics
   - DAN and UHMS Publish Guidelines for Recreational Diving with Diabetes
   - Diabetes and Diving Update 2005
   - Summary Form - Guidelines for Recreational Diving with Diabetes

Diving Accidents
   - Assessing Basic Vital Signs

Drugs & Medications
   - DAN Discusses Malaria and Antimalarial Drugs
   - DAN Takes a Look at Over-the-Counter Medications
   - Pseudoephedrine & Enriched-Air Diving?

Ears, Nose, & Throat
   - Can You Prevent Otitis Externa, or Swimmers Ear?
   - Common Ear Injuries While Diving
   - Keeping It Clean: Reasons for Good Aural Hygiene
   - More On Swimmers Ear

Fitness to Dive
   - Asthma & Diving
   - Demographics And Illness Prevalence in Recreational Scuba Divers
   - Fitness Issues for Divers With Musculoskeletal Problems - Part I
   - Fitness Issues for Divers With Musculoskeletal Problems - Part II
   - Medications for Depression and Fitness to Dive

   - Bariatric Surgery and Diving
   - Gastrointestinal Issues

   - Diving & The Body Systems
   - Motion Sickness
   - Motion Sickness - Updated 2003
   - Scanning for Blebs
   - The Ups and Downs of Buoyancy Control
   - Transderm Scop (The Patch)

Infectious Diseases
   - Dealing with Dengue
   - Necrotizing Fasciitis
   - Zika virus outbreak

Marine Life
   - Debunking the Sea Lice Myth
   - I've Been Stung: What Should I Do? UPDATED 2004
   - Marine Life Trauma
   - Sea Urchins: Beware the Bearers and Wearers of Spines
   - Spines!

   - Headaches and Diving
   - Headaches and Diving - UPDATED 2005

Ophthalmology (Eyes)
   - High-Pressure Ophthalmology

Plastic Surgery
   - Breast Augmentation Surgery
   - Cosmetic Plastic Surgery and Diving
   - Non-Invasive Plastic Surgery

   - Anxiety: Is It A Contraindication to Diving?
   - Psychological Issues in Diving
   - Psychological Issues in Diving II - Anxiety, Phobias in Diving
   - Psychological Issues in Diving III - Schizophrenia, Substance Abuse

Nervous System
   - CNS Considerations in Scuba Diving
   - Epilepsy and Diving: Why It's Not A Good Idea to Combine the Two

Women in Diving
   - Breast Cancer Survey
   - DAN Explores Fitness and Diving Issues for Women
   - The Risks of Pregnancy and Diving