Diving Incidents
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Most Recently Added Reports:
  • Rescue diver at powerboat race injures his back muscles standing all dayStanding in full scuba gear all day took its toll on this diver's back
  • Diver was virtually swallowed by a whale sharkA clearly annoyed whale shark appeared to attempt to swallow a diver. Uncharacteristic behavior by a known gentle giant.
  • Air supply cuts off when regulator failedA diver's regulator suddenly failed and cut off air supply, even though there was still a third of the air pressure remaining in the tank.
  • Exhausted, breathless and coughing up fluidOut of breath diver coughed up frothy liquid on a liveaboard vacation.
  • High Altitude Dive Landed in ChamberAn unremarkable dive at high altitude ended with a trip to the hyperbaric chamber
  • Unexpected weight lossA dropped weight belt caused a runaway ascent
  • Diver continued diving even with possible skin bends Diver, concerned with cost of treatment, continued to dive despite the possibility that he may be suffering decompression sickness
  • Diver lost his balance, and his fingerA diver fell overboard and caught his ring on a cleat
  • When the dive boat hit a wave this diver was thrown into the air Sitting at the front of the boat can be hazardous
  • Yachtsman suffers stroke, evacuated by DANDAN member evacuated from remote location
  • Lost at sea, driftingAn infrequent diver is surprised when he surfaced, and there was no boat in sight
  • “Normal” dive resulted in Decompression SicknessA diver made multiple dives over three days and needed hyperbaric treatment
  • Regulator explosively failed under pressure (but, the divers did not)An explosive regulator failure sent a hose flailing about wildly
  • Free-flow led to emergency ascentA diver made a rapid ascent but, later, wondered if it was necessary.
  • Wearing mask under the hood ended a CCR diveA flooded mask ended this rebreather dive
  • Diver entered the water with tank valve turned offA close call when a diver's valve is turned off by mistake
  • Unrehearsed valve shutdown training led to confusion underwater
  • A momentary lapse led to traumaDiver undid BCD straps, rupturing tendon
  • Buoyancy wing comes loose during diveA diver's back-plate comes loose, partially releasing his wing
  • Underweighted diver was lost, suffered buoyancy problems and ran low on gasUnderweighted, lost diver pretended to have had a great dive
  • Diving in an overhead cavern with half empty tanksTwo imprudent divers learn cavern diving rules the hard way.
  • An assistant instructor suffers a reverse blockA diver avoids an ear injury through correct procedures and good buoyancy control
  • Regulator gets harder to breath the deeper a diver goesRecently serviced regulators made it harder to breathe the deeper they went
  • Unintended rapid ascent due to uncontrolled inflationA runaway ascent ends the diving on a liveaboard holiday
  • A diver feels unwell at depthA diver suddenly starts feeling very unwell, ascends and breaths oxygen for symptom relief.